Making complex things simple

Knox Financial is a boutique financial advisory and wealth management firm based in Hobart. From here we provide financial advice and services to people from all walks of life right across Tasmania.  People just like you who want to make their financial lives easier to manage so they can move ahead with confidence and look forward to a secure financial future.

Our Principal Adviser Andrew Glover has been helping people with their financial affairs for over 20 years and has earned a solid reputation for his honesty, personal ethics and genuine passion for helping his clients to make sense of their often complex financial circumstances and requirements with advice and services that are easy to explain and understand. We aim to make complex things simple.

We really care about our clients, and this shines through in everything we do. We take the time to get to know you and to understand what’s really important to you, because, life is about more than just money, it’s about having confidence about the future, secure in the knowledge that your future well-being, and those you care for, will be protected now and into the future as your needs and circumstances change over time.

As a Certified Financial Planning Professional® (CFP®), the financial planning profession’s highest designation, you can rest assured that the financial advice you receive from Andrew will be professional, reliable, and tailored to your precise needs.

Andrew Glover is committed to guiding time poor professionals, business owners and those planning for, or entering into, retirement to take control of their finances in order to systematically build wealth for themselves and create real financial security so they won’t have to shoulder the burden of the worry about money.

Andrew works closely with you to guide you through the complexity of financial matters, answer questions and concerns you have and give you the confidence to make informed decisions about your future.

His services are particularly suited towards individuals who are successful in their own right and recognise the value in engaging a specialist financial adviser who can assist with them in managing their financial affairs in a holistic and coordinated manner.

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Andrew’s story

When I left High School, I deferred university to get some real-life experience and I got a job in a large retail chain.  I served that company for 6 years working up to an Area Manager position.

My path to become an adviser became clear when my own financial adviser, who was looking after a small superannuation and investment portfolio I had at the time, approached me to consider a career in helping people to achieve financial security for their families and businesses.  I started my own business working alongside my new mentor in 1994, and I was able to see first-hand, financial advisers helping clients.  I listened to client’s real concerns and anxieties, and then saw the benefits of providing financial advice which solved their problems. I also saw the appreciation those clients showed, because of the changes and positive impact I, along with my colleagues, made to their lives.

I knew that’s what I wanted. To be there for clients, being the adviser to help them make the right money decisions and to see the satisfaction I could bring, and the real differences I could make in people’s lives.  I completed further study, attaining a Diploma in Financial Planning through Deakin University, and achieved Certified Financial Planner (CFP) status with the Financial Planning Association of Australia, and have been a member since.

My journey in financial advice has spread over 24 years, and I have had the satisfaction of assisting hundreds of clients to achieve their dreams, across my own business, as an employee with a Hobart-based privately owned financial planning practice, and also as a Senior Business Financial Planner for a ‘big four’ bank.

I am devoted to working closely with you to develop strategies that place you in control, to make the right choices at the right time, and allow you to make decisions that provides financial security for you and your family.

I have found that my professional work frees up valuable time for my clients, providing security and real comfort in allowing you more time to focus on those things that are really important to you.

Similar benefits await when you decide to invite me to provide my advice services to make a significant positive difference to your financial life.

It would be my pleasure to guide you to achieve the results you desire or the life you imagine in our financial planning work together. Let’s continue the conversation in the manner that suits you best.

To find out more, please feel welcome to contact us.