Cathryn Mills

“Andrew is very helpful and provides answers that are easily understood.“

Ray Hernan

“Andrew is a fine example of how a financial advisor should act, with honesty and truthfulness, giving confidence to his clients through his demonstrated ability to clearly communicate the sometimes bewildering path of finance. Thank you Andrew for your advice.”

Mary Wells

“Andrew Glover is the best financial advisor we have had over a period of 15 years or so.”

Cornelis Van Ek

“Andrew has been very good to us. He is always ready and available with an eye on things, without being prompted or asked by us.”

Victoria Kind

“Andrew has continues to provide my husband and myself excellent professional advice with clarity and personal kindness. We greatly value having him as our financial assistant.”

John Cameron

“Having had a number of advisers in the past, I have found Andrew to be a breath of fresh air in the service he provides – direct, clear, willing to think outside the box and address some of the unusual questions we have put to him. His humour and broad perspective makes him a pleasure to interact with. ”

Robert Clifton

“Andrew has always had a calm and collected manner over many years of service provided.”

Raymond Collins

“Extremely helpful, thorough knowledge of his portfolio and exhibits a likeable personality. Easy going and a pleasure to deal with. Would highly recommend him to others and consider him to a valuable asset.”

Lillian Sutton

“ Over the years with Andrew, we have become extremely comfortable with his expert advice. He is quick and efficient in dealing with any queries with have. My husband and I have full confidence in his excellent knowledge and advice to us! ”

Margaret Fooks

“ I am always completely happy with Andrew’s advice and integrity.”

Kathryn Archer

“Andrew is very approachable and takes the time to understand and deliver the outcomes we want from our investments.”

Garry & Anne Cartledge

“We receive excellent service from Andrew in all areas. A big thanks to him for helping us. He always gives exceptional service and responds to whatever our needs are in a very friendly and professional manner.”


“Excellent customer service and would highly recommend his services to other family and friends.”

Sue Jordan

“Andrew is very professional, easy to understand, very friendly and approachable.”


“Andrew has been very thorough in advising any changes to our super to achieve the best outcome in a friendly manner.”

Robert Williams

“My knowledge of money is very limited and I have to say Andrew helped ease my mind and looked after me well when I was finding it hard to understand how things worked in the money world.”

Lynette Mihalic

“Our meeting with Andrew Glover was well conducted and we were left feeling reassures that our Superannuation was being looked after as well as it could be. We are conservative in our approach to investments and Andrew understand this.”

Margaret Ibbott

“Andrew is patient, explains clearly with a good display of knowledge.”

Pamela Van Ek

“As always Andew has provided excellent service and advice, whether it be face to face or via phone or email. Well done.”

Laurance Hindle

“Andrew is straight to the point and easy to understand.”

Peter Wilkins

“Andrew is very approachable. He makes you feel at ease with a professional attitude and has a good sense of humour.”

Caroline Servant

“Andrew provided a professional, honest approach to what we considered to be a mind field of financial decision making. He made us feel valued and comfortable in accepting his sensible advice and turned a potentially difficult experience into a pain free, friendly one. We highly recommend Andrew for his services.”

Elizabeth Collins

“Have always found Andrew to be professional and provides detailed advice. Nothing is too much trouble and he has a likeable personality. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a well versed advisor in his field of expertise.”

Susan Jordan

“I have found Andrew to be very helpful and friendly. He is very informative and demonstrates good knowledge of products that are discussed. Andrew is very happy to follow up any enquiries that I may have and reports back to me with answers.”

Christopher Stone

“Andrew was very thorough with our needs and provided us with advice accordingly. Different options were presented and discussed, and in the end we opted for a package that will provided significant benefit to us. Thanks Andrew! ”

Debra Baker

“My husband passed away recently. During and after my husband’s illness, Andrew showed us compassion and kindness. He made the transition of changing the portfolio into a smooth and hassle free process. At a time where I was feeling vulnerable, his guidance was invaluable.”

Donna Woods

“Great customer relations, well informed and explains things in a way we can understand. Highly recommended!”

Janice Murphy

“Andrew is always accessible and willing to listen to my concerns. He is willing to offer professional advice, which I can understand and feel free to decide upon without any pressure being applied in that decision making process. Andrew is forthright and is well informed.”

Paul Cox

“Andrew has extensive knowledge and has the ability to make financial discussions easy to understand. He has been extremely helpful to me and I would gladly recommend him to any one as a first rate operator.”

Alison Hollingworth

“Andrew is exceptional in his empathy and professionalism. ”

Coralanne Walker

“I find Andrew very pleasant to deal with. He is honest in his dealings and never makes me feel uncomfortable. He is never pushy and always allows us time to work through any questions. ”

Anita Price

“Andrew is very helpful, well informed and always available. It is good to have someone so reliable to help us. ”

Elaine Ward

“Andrew possesses confidence and I feel reassured with his explanation, suggestions and advice as my financial adviser. ”

Suzanne Best

“Andrew is mindful and sensitive to client’s personal circumstances as it related to the client’s financial situation and needs.”